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This book  –   God’s Other Children, Personal Encounters with Faith, Love, and Holiness in Sacred India  –   by Bradley Malkovsky is worth reading.   The author spent a great deal of time in India personally involved with people of Hindu, Buddhist and Islam faiths.   As he stated in the epilogue:

I had expected  to  find  goodness among the followers of other religions . . . , but I was surprised to find just how much more was already there waiting to be discovered. … All this has become for me a sign that God is very much at work in those religions, using them as vehicles of his power and grace.   … had also raised many questions about the relation of those religions to Christ and Christianity.

… religion is often enough associated with  what is worst in humanity. …

All of my experiences in India would be for naught if I hadn’t come away with a great appreciation for the value  of other religions.  … Above all I have learned to appreciate  so much more in my own religion, Catholicism…

It is an enjoyable read although the chapter on yoga was more than I wanted to know even  though I do yoga regularly. The second part is about his family – he married a Muslim girl who converted to Catholicism.

He is the winner of the Huston Smith prize.  If you haven’t read the Huston Smith book  The World’s Religions, I strongly recommend that bock as well.

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