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In this book by pastor and professor at Open Door Baptist College in Kansas City Brent D. Earles, we find 31 chapters on aspects of life such as Foundations: Ground Floor, Selah: Shhh!, Loneliness:Is Anyone Out There?, Brokenness: Cast of Thousands  with each one beginning with some verses from the psalms.  He uses quotations, stories, lists, … to make his points.


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When I went to the University of Minnesota many years ago, I got advice from two people: the first was the priest who taught the release-time religion classes to the Catholic students at our high school, the second was an aunt who had a successful career before many women did.
The priest said that I should do things at the Newman Center since I would not be going to a Catholic University.  My aunt gave me two pieces of advice: first was to study a map of the University so I would always know where I was and where I was going – good advice literally and figuratively.  The second was not to fritter away the little, miscellaneous chunks of time that inevitably creep into one’s schedule.
I combined the advice of my aunt and the priest in a rather special way:  every Friday afternoon, when the push for doing class work was absent and it was tempting to goof off in some way, I would go to the Newman Center library, take some book about our faith off a shelf, a book that caught my eye for whatever reason, and spend a couple of hours reading. 

I strongly advise the graduates to make time for their faith, use those miscellaneous time chunks and regularly scheduled time chunks to further their knowledge of their faith – an adult knowledge of their faith!

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Editor’s note:  Our church library  is now in the chapel which makes it available whenever the chapel is open.

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I remember what one of our pediatricians that I worked for recommended. He said college students should eat right and get plenty of sleep and the rest will fall in place.

Submitted by subscriber Sylvia

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We all are tempted to give unsolicited advice. Well, here is your chance. Leave a comment below and I will post it separately over your name or group several together and post them over the submitters’ names.

One question you might ask yourself is this:  What advice did I receive when I graduated, how did I follow it and what was the result? 

Advice may be about a variety of things, but don’t forget advice on living their faith!

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