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Everyday objects
– whether natural such as water, a clover or a star
– or manmade such as a lamp or a bell
can become powerful symbols of our faith in God because of their nature which reminds us of the nature of God, our relationship to God or because they appear in Scripture as part of an event or a miracle or a parable or a meditation.

This symbol, in a moment’s glance, can deliver a powerful message through its association. Perhaps it will console us, give us direction, put things in perspective, remind us who we are and that God cares.

Watch for them as you hear and read the Scriptures and go through your day.

“Christian man in his quest for God, attaches to well-known words, actions, or things, a mystical and spiritual meaning. In this manner divine truth is recognized and a deeper insight is given to man’s ability to understand God’s presence in all creation.”

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